The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
By San Antonio Rose

A/N:  Inspired, though at several removes, by Kaesaís wonderful fic ďNever a Lovely So Real,Ē and prompted in part by the fact that the handful of SPN/Undertale fics Iíve found to date have not taken this particular angle of approach.

Full disclosure:  I havenít played Undertale, nor do I plan to.  Iím far more interested in the story and the characters, about which Iíve learned a great deal from the fandom, than in the mechanics of the game.  For that reason, Iím setting this story after a True Pacifist run but will leave most of what happened in the UT charactersí past to the readerís imagination.  Dialogue will most likely not match whatís said in the game, though, which is a deliberate choice; youíll see why.  Several other deliberately AU details will be explained, or at least lampshaded, as the story progresses.  The story is gen casefic.  It will include UT fanon, particularly about Chara.  Frisk is selectively mute.  On the SPN side, Iíve had to fudge the timeline a bit, so itís already somewhat AU from the start; but Iím leaving the Years That Werenít as they are in canon for reasons that will become obvious shortly.  If any of that bothers you, please hit the Back button now.

Finally, a couple of GMTA hat tips:  to Rumon Gray, whose ďAnother MediumĒ includes a theory about the Underground similar to the one I present here, though it differs in significant respects; and to eternal blossoms, whose ďOver and OverĒ includes an idea about Friskís final living arrangements thatís similar to what I show in later chapters.  I had actually started writing this story before reading the relevant parts of those, but I wanted to be sure to acknowledge the similarities!

Summary: A mountain full of fae suddenly gains a mine full of monsters, refugees from another reality. Six months later, a red-eyed child is on a killing spree in Ebott, Idaho. But when Garth dispatches the Winchesters to look into the matter, none of them expect the consequences of the hunt to reach the highest levels of Heaven itself. And the surprising friendships the brothers make along the way might be more vital than they seem.

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