Rating: PG
Word Count: ~16,000
Warnings: Historical tragedies.
Notes: Fusion of sorts with The King's Speech.

Summary: By some fluke or special grace, three Americans turn up at Sandringham House shortly before Christmas of 1902 and rescue seven-year-old Bertie from the torment inflicted by his demon-possessed nanny. Bertie suddenly finds himself with two new friends who know the strangest things and who won't take any nonsense from his arrogant older brother. He's delighted when Sam and Dean discover that they can't go home right away, and Sam and Dean decide having a ringside seat to history won't be all bad. But what will John say when he finds out that Dean's been hired as Bertie's governor? And will any of the Winchesters remember what they need to know to avoid getting caught in one of the greatest naval disasters of all time?

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