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Canon(ish), roughly in chronological order

Valor Remembered -- Ronon finally finds an Earth holiday he can understand.  (Season 2ish.)

Desperate Measures -- A Todd's-eye view of "The Lost Tribe."  (Season 5, "The Queen" and "First Contact"/"The Lost Tribe.")

Missus Est -- You think John Sheppard's job is hard?  Meet Azariah.  (Seasons 4-5, "Midway" to "The Seed" and "The Prodigal," with some spoilerish references to "Spoils of War," "The Lost Tribe," "Vegas," and "Enemy at the Gate.")

Nevada Fox -- A Todd's a Todd for a' that. (Season 5, "Vegas.")

Leap of Faith AU

The Leap -- Post-"Kindred," Rodney finds himself with questions that science can't answer... what's a physicist to do?

Teach Us to Pray -- "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name..." (Forthcoming; multi-chaptered; Season 5, with surprise guests.)

Rise Up, Sheppard, and Follow (forthcoming)

Residency (forthcoming)

Old Friends (forthcoming)

The Over-the-Hill Gang (forthcoming)

Last but Not Least (forthcoming)

Crossed Swords Alternate Multiverse:  See the Crossovers page.

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