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New! The Grandfather Paradox--Zachariah intended for Dean's trip to 1973 to be a closed loop in terms of causality. He hadn't figured on a pair of monkey wrenches named Gadreel and Castiel. (Spoilers through late Season 9.)

For the World's More Full of Weeping--She loved him. She married him. She bore his sons. She just wasn't who John thought she was.

Five Times Azazel's Plan Couldn't Work--Destiny, schmestiny. The plan for Sam and Dean always was a house of cards that would fall if even one component was out of place. Here are just a handful of what-ifs that would render it not just unlikely, but flat out impossible to implement. (Spoilers through 9.08.)

Laochanan--Sometimes even the best-laid plans of demons and angels gang agley. Sometimes a day is longer than it seems. Sometimes getting home is only half the battle.

A Case of Do or Die--A man falls out of John's closet in April of 1987 and sends him on a quest to close the gates of Hell. Yet somehow, in the process of losing his life to save his sons, he finds a life he never thought he'd have. And there may be more than one closet full of secrets waiting for him further down the road--in fact, there may be a whole bunker full of them. (Season 8 spoilers; warning for major character deaths. Written for the 2013 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by Sienna Vie)

The Fifth-Grade Grinch--It's Christmas Eve. John's in the hospital too far away; the boys are snowed in, and Sammy's about to get on Dean's last nerve. Little do they know that they're about to get a visit from the world's weirdest Ghost of Christmas Future.... (Warning for alt-timeline character deaths and Season 7 spoilers; for a hoodie_time prompt from bellatemple)

The Life You Save--Lisa's the only one who knows exactly how bad Dean's chronic pain is. Sam's the only one who can figure out why.  And only time will reveal how much it changes.  (mild Dean/Lisa)

Harrowed--Dean says yes in Hell--but not to Alastair. He is rescued--but not by Castiel. Someone unexpected is waiting for him down there... and that makes all the difference. (AU from "Lazarus Rising"; spoilers through Season 7)

New! Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie--Cas has no intention of letting Sam rot in the Cage, but even before the surviving members of Team Free Will leave Stull Cemetery, Cas receives a plea from the future that sends him on a very different path from the one he'd planned to follow. Can Cas keep his promise and still help Dean keep his pledge to pursue the apple-pie life with Lisa and Ben? (Spoilers through the end of Season 9; AU from the end of "Swan Song." Written for the 2014 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by twisted_slinky)

Old Soldiers Never Die--Purgatory's not the only untapped repository of souls out there. And this one might just change the whole ballgame. (late Season 6)

Bits and Bobs: AUs--Short one-shots, mostly comment fics from LJ; spoilers for Season 8

bulletThe Number of Man:  In which Samuel Colt made more than 13 bullets.
bulletTripwire:  Yellow-Eyes wants to goad Sam into using his powers, but he overplays his hand.
bullet The Nature of My Game:  The only devil driving Brady to kill Jess was drug addiction. So how far will Sam go in revenge to bring down El Diablo and the cartel that supplied Brady's drugs--and at what cost will he ignore Dean's advice? (All-human AU; warning for drugs, off-screen sex [Sam/Ruby], and non-graphic depictions of murder)
bullet The Road Less Traveled By:  What if the Winchesters' lives weren't the subject of a horror series?
bulletNew! Thirty Seconds:  What if Cas hadn't gotten Dean to the church on time in "Sacrifice"? (Warning for major character death.)

The Dumb Oxen of Lawrence--Out of leads and out of hope, Sam turns to the one being in the world he thinks stands a chance of being able to find and help him rescue Dean and Cas: the king of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. But mixing Winchesters and Sidhe could be perilous even at the best of times. With Sam's sanity still being questionable and Dean still raw from Purgatory, can either brother find "happily ever after" in his vocabulary? (AU from 7.23/8.01; warning for thematic elements [mouse over this text to see spoilery details]--this story is very much in the vein of darker fairy tales, BUT I promise it has a happy ending, and the entire dark part has a purpose that is revealed in the eucatastrophe.)

Ctrl+Z--Crushed by guilt and despair, Dean pleads for a chance to make things right. And he gets it. (Spoilers through 9.09, AU from 8.13)

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