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The Scrambled Egghead--Dean's got all the information John needs to catch and kill whatever has plunged Dolan Springs, AZ, into perpetual night. It's just his luck that the big bad's made sure Dean can't talk in complete sentences. (Pre-series, for hoodie_time Challenge #6; prompt by nong_pradu)

Windowpain--After a hunt goes sideways, Sam must help Dean cope with the humiliation of wearing glasses for a while. (Season 1, for a hoodie_time prompt by nong_pradu)

Ol' Diz--There's a hunt at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but Dean's too dizzy to get out of bed. Can Sam solve the mystery without him? (Season 2)

To Err Is...--When Dean fills him in on what happened in '78, Castiel spots a serious problem with one of Michael's assertions.  (tag to "The Song Remains the Same")

New! Do a Good Turn Daily--A group of Boy Scouts finds a badly wounded Dean in a forest where almost nothing is as it seems.

Bits and Bobs: Canon-compliant--Short one-shots, mostly comment fics from LJ; spoilers through Season 9

bullet The Black and Blue Danube Waltz:  The world's worst neighbor and a case of the hives add up to all kinds of pain for John and Dean.
bullet Command Performance:  Dean's too sick to go see Sammy star in the school musical.
bullet Father of the Year:  Why did John leave Dean at Sonny's for two months? (major spoilers for 9.07)
bullet Happy Little Accidents:  The boys solve a hunt without even knowing it's there.
bullet Proslogion:  Dean shows up at a bar in Palo Alto and stuns everyone by cutting one of Sam's smart-aleck friends down to size.
bullet And Master of One:  Dean's got a secret project up his sleeve.  Sam can't believe his eyes when Dean pulls it off.
bulletMoonlight Serenade:  A dancing curse takes a toll on Dean.  Sam comes to the rescue.
bullet Let's Play "To Tell A Fib"!:  In the days before "Changing Channels," Gabriel gets some inspiration from a certain TV show.
bulletEntertaining Angels:  After Carthage, Dean's sick; Sam's guilt-ridden; and Cas has a chance-meeting at the video store.
bullet Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?:  Sam seems to be stuck in a ten-year time loop.
bullet The More Things Change...:  Sometime after getting Sam's soul back, Dean gets captured but receives a little help... straight out of Acts 12.
bulletSing a Song of Sixpence:  The first Christmas after Bobby's death is nearly Dean's last, thanks to an unusual fruit-mince pie.
bulletFury:  The alpha leviathan doesn't know what he's unleashed.
bulletInvincible:  The Baylor-Stanford game seems like the perfect way to celebrate Sam's return to relative mental health. It turns out to be more than Dean had bargained for.
bullet Tales from a Rained-Out Vacation:  Dean's not going to let a little rain get in the way of having fun on the boys' first weekend off in who knows how long.  Sam alternates between bemused and amused.
bullet You Have to Laugh:  Sheriff Jake Miller tries to help a couple of FBI agents find the humor in the weirdest case Farmington Hills has ever seen. ("LARP and the Real Girl")


To Them That Ask--This wasn't the answer Dean expected, but he'll take it. (post-"My Bloody Valentine")

Don't You Cry No More--Sam had pictured losing his brother in countless ways, but somehow, dragon-induced amnesia wasn't one of them. (late Season 6 fusion of sorts with The Children of Hķrin; warning for major character death)

Bits and Bobs: Jossed--Short one-shots, mostly comment fics from LJ; spoilers for Season 8

bulletAll the Comforts of Home:  Sam has a revelation about what Dean considers home.  Samuel Campbell, meet the Internet.
bulletTo the Woods and the Waters Wild:  On the run from God!Cas and with Sam deathly ill, Dean discovers that being fae-touched might actually be a good thing.
bullet Not This Time:  After Purgatory, a fever becomes a battlefield, and for once, Dean canít hold his own. But Sam canít lose him again. Not like this.

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