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Crusaders AU

Crusaders--Five men. Two angels. One demon. One last chance to stop the Apocalypse before it starts. Can one disaster serve as cover to prevent another, or will history repeat itself after all? (Written for the 2011 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by spn_2008)

Crusaders 2: Trial by Ordeal--With the angels and the Colt gone back to the future, it looks like all Hell is out for revenge on Dean and Samuel.  Will the family survive this ordeal and keep history on the right track?  (Written for the 2012-2013 SPN Big Bang Era; art by quickreaver)

Crusaders 3: A Family Affair--When Meg nearly gets the better of Gabriel and Castiel, Chronos decides to intervene, throwing two sets of nearly-identical brothers together into a race against time.  They're all determined that "what was" will remain "what shall never be"... but is Gabriel right that some things never change? (Written for the 2012-2013 SPN AU Big Bang; art by jbadgr)

Deaf Dean AU (spoilers through 9.17, eventual Dean/Lisa; originally written for various challenges at hoodie_time for prompts by Enola Jones; nominated for Best Series in the 2013 No Rest for the Wicked Awards!)

New! Omnibus PDF for the entire AU now available!

Sounds of Silence--After Stull, Sam is dead and Dean is deaf, and it's Halloween.

Like Silent Raindrops Fell--Sam thinks he's doing Dean a favor by staying away, until Thanksgiving brings a discovery that breaks Sam's heart.

Still, Still, Still--Dean may be deaf, but that won’t stop him from surprising friend and foe alike this Christmastide once he and Sam find out that Bobby's still under Crowley's thumb.

Silence Is Golden--Being deaf is bad enough for a hunter. But when Dean wakes up unable to see after being snatched from a museum he was visiting with Ben, he'll stop at nothing to get his eyes, his freedom, and his son back. And he might just learn some valuable information along the way. His kidnappers won't know what hit them.

Quiet on the Set--Cas sometimes has a strange definition of keeping people safe--like the time his buddy Balthazar sends the Winchesters and Braedens into a world where no one believes Dean's really deaf.

All Quiet on the Western Front--After three days in Bizarro World, Dean's ticked off at Cas and very adamantly retired. Cas is determined to keep the angelic civil war away from Cicero, not even giving the news of it directly to Dean--but as matters escalate, Sam and Lisa must decide whether to tell Dean all they know and risk ruining his friendship with Cas.

New! The Silent Stars Go By--Dean's retired. You hear that, universe? RE-TI-RED. Can you keep the long-lost grandfathers and Knights of Hell out of his living room, huh? Is that too much to ask?! (Oh, who is he kidding, the universe is as deaf as he is....)

New! There's a Kind of Hush--Dean's deafness doesn't mean there isn't another shoe or three to drop every time he turns around. At least this time it holds off until after he and Lisa tie the knot, and at least this batch of shoes isn't all bad news.

Dinéchesters AU (possible spoilers through 5.22)

Image by Amberdreams

When the Badger Grows Horns--John Ashiihi Winchester was a warrior at heart, but once he left Dinétah, not even his beloved Grandmother Chee could foresee where his path would lead him -- or his sons.  (Written for the dark_agenda Racebending Revenge challenge on Dreamwidth; possible spoilers through 5.22; mild John/Mary)

The Dark Wind: Bi'ee' Łigai--Thousand Books has decided he's done with the family business.  Too bad the family business isn't done with him.  (Written for the 2012 SPN Gen Mini Bang; background Sam/Jess; art by amberdreams)

The Dark Wind: Nihighan--John wants safety for his sons at all costs; Sam wants answers after losing Jess and reading Mary's journal; and Dean just wants his family back. But when Thousand Books has a vision that leads the brothers back to Lawrence, it puts them on a collision course between ancient taboos and unexpected discoveries that may leave all three Winchesters wondering whether any of their desires can be fulfilled. (Written for the 2012 Gen Mini Bang; art by roselani24)

The Dark Wind: ’Akóhájí Doogááł--Monster Slayer—the Michael Sword—and Thousand Books—Lucifer’s Vessel—keep pushing this pesky free will thing. But Lilith and Zachariah have a Plan B... and C... and D... because sometimes fate really is what you make it.

The Dark Wind: ’Akée’di Hózhǫ́ Hasin--After Stull, Monster Slayer doesn’t quite know how to carry on without Thousand Books.  But maybe this wayward son hasn’t found peace because neither of them is quite done yet.  And Dean does have friends in... odd places. (Het.)

Marine!Dean AU (Sam/Jess, eventual Dean/Lisa)

Semper Fi--"Ever Faithful," the motto of the United States Marine Corps.  But when CPL Dean Winchester of Echo 2/1 is critically wounded in Iraq while Sam is at Stanford and John is missing, the question becomes... faithful to what?  (possible spoilers through 5.22)

Bits and Bobs: Marine!Dean AU--Short one-shots written for hoodie_time comment fic memes

bulletA Beary Merry Christmas:  Dean + painkiller + teddy bear = a Christmastide brotherly moment.
bulletPhantoms:  In which Sam learns that some ghosts can't be dispelled with salt and fire.
bullet On Whom His Favor Rests:  In which Lisa is safer at work than she knows.

Fides, Spes, Caritas--After being medically discharged from the Marines, Dean needs to clear his head, so he drives, not sure what he's looking for and not knowing that he'll find something he never expected.

Fides Quaerens Intellectus--Dean had been doing so well before his road trip... will Sam be able to figure out what's going wrong and how to help Dean get back on his feet?

A Very Merry Unbirthday--Babies come when they're ready. And Dean and Lisa's already has a flair for making a dramatic entrance. (Warning for childbirth ick.)

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