A/N:  Soooorryyyy! (Not really.)
This story started out as a fill for a prompt by sameuspegasus on the 2012 spn_bigpretzel Outsider POV Comment-Fic Meme. It got angsty in a hurry, as Season 7 fic is wont to do, and I realized that it wasn't going to fit with the light-hearted tone of the comm. So I wrote Kindred Spirits instead, as that fit the theme better; it's a prequel of sorts, but there's only one reference to it here. Despite the angst, though, sameuspegasus wanted to see this story, too. Unfortunately, it stalled... but fortunately, the SPN Gen Big Bang is open to crossovers!
Many, many thanks to my wonderful beta jennytork and to dollarformyname, whose amazing art is the icing on the cake!

Rating: PG
Warnings: Murdock POV.
Word Count: 12,206

Summary: One of Sam's (and then Cas') fellow patients in the mental hospital is none other than Capt. HM Murdock, who's not as crazy as even he believes. When things get wild after Sam and Dean unlock the Leviathan tablet, they bring HM with them to Whitefish, where the other surviving members of the A-Team eventually meet and join forces with what's left of Team Free Will. Together, can they keep Kevin safe and take down SucroCorp and Dick Roman?

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