Word Count: 23,754
Rating:  PG-13 (cult practices, mind control, references to dubcon)
Note:  Written for the 2013-2014 SPN AU Big Bang.

Summary:  When Jim gets word of a cult being built up as cover for extracting classified information from its unwary members, he calls Sam and Dean--only for them to discover that the chief source of the cult leader's power is Famine's ring. Yet even after the brothers, working with Barney and Willy, reveal a still darker layer to the secrets lurking beneath the cult's idyllic veneer, Jim insists on having Paris and Dana infiltrate and help bring the cult down from inside. It's one of those missions where Murphy's Law applies in spades, and as if Paris being a shapeshifter weren't hazard enough, things get complicated in a hurry when Dana develops a raging case of the baby bug. Can Sam and Dean get the ring back in time to save their team... and what will they do with the ring if they succeed?

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