Nevada Fox

By San Antonio Rose

            The walls between the worlds were thin that day, and he let his fevered mind range among them.  He had given up trying to put all the pieces together, but he knew there was something--something important--that he needed to tell these humans.  It didnít make sense when he thought it; it didnít make sense when he said it.  McKay only thought he was trying to be a poet.

            If McKay only knew....

            That day he sensed another world where McKay was smart and brash but not in charge.  Someone there was missing here--the man in black, his equal, his ally, John Sheppard.  Sheppard called him Todd, didnít like him, didnít trust him, didnít shrink from joining forces if it meant saving his people.  A fair man, a brave man, a warrior he.  Other worlds, other Sheppards, same result.  All in danger, all could die.

            He had to warn John Sheppard.

            And then he came.  No man in black, disheartened warrior, but it was Sheppard who stood next to McKay when the door opened.  He knew no Wraith, was tired and stunned, would never call him Todd.  They would never meet again.

            But he had to warn John Sheppard.

            So he told the pieces as they came, the Wraith he trailed, the message he must stop.  Could he even show this man how he would die?  He saw it, he said it--would Sheppard believe?

            I have seen the future.  Come inside, and I will show you your destiny... John Sheppard.

            Sheppard heard; he understood--at least he would soon.  McKay spoke, they broke the link, they left him there with his fevered thoughts.

            Alone in the desert, this Sheppard would die, the warriorís last stand, saving his people.  He himself would not last long, nor see again the stars heíd loved.  Those other Sheppards, men in black... he had not, could not save them all.  He wondered if his other self that knew each one would try.

            He did not know why it mattered that Sheppard stop his brother Wraith.  He did not know why he cared, why this human was his ally.  But he had warned John Sheppard.  That was all he had to know.

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