That We Might Pray Without Words

The last three stories in the main series were originally stand-alone fics.  But when I wrote the first one, the others made more sense as sequels.  So I've adjusted and adapted them as necessary.  The Interludes were also somewhat independent before I tried to integrate them into the main series, but since I have more of them in the wings than I'd initially imagined, I have separated them into a sub-series.  Both groups of stories are listed more or less in chronological order.

The title song in each story is the song that inspired the fic, but not always the most important one.  All of these stories are AU to some degree.

Main Series

Candlelight, Angel Light, Firelight and Starglow -- The Fellowship takes a Yuletide detour through Harad, and there they meet someone they did not expect.  (Inspired by "Candlelight Carol" by John Rutter.)
Nominated for the 2011 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards!

Better Is One Day -- Frodo comes to the conclusion that the Shire is no longer his home.  (Inspired by "Better Is One Day" by Matt Redman.)

Fire and Rain -- In which Sam has to deal with the pain of Frodo's departure.  (Inspired by "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor.)


He's Gone Away -- exactly how did Rosie know to expect Sam as early as spring?  (Inspired by "He's Gone Away," an Appalachian folk song.)

Love Is Only Sleeping -- Faramir recalls his wooing of Éowyn.  (Inspired by "Love Is Only Sleeping" by the Monkees.)

And I Love Her -- Sam decides to pop the question.  (Inspired by "And I Love Her" by the Beatles.)

Coming soon:

Interlude #4:  I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song -- For once, words are failing Pippin.

Unclouded Day -- Merry and Pippin leave behind some old friends and meet up with others as they journey beyond the rim of the world.

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