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Gulliver's Fifth: A Voyage to Texas, in which Captain Gulliver meets some very familiar (to us) characters.

Building Blocks--Early in the Heroes' captivity, Newkirk isn't sure what the others will make of his hobby. (Hogan's Heroes)
Nominated for Best Short Drama and Most Unique Story in the 2010 Papa Bear Awards!

Surely Goodness and Mercy--Peter Newkirk was not a praying man, but he knew God's hand in a situation when he saw it.  (Hogan's Heroes, missing scene from "How to Catch a Papa Bear")
This story took bronze in the Best Short Drama category in the 2011 Papa Bear Awards!

New! Shakespeare Writes "Crittendon's Commandos":

Attend the tale, ye gentles; ye shall hear
Anon of a most comical attempt
Exchange of martial leaders, wounded sore,
To force 'twixt Germany and England, and
Though failing, yet the end and aim achieve
Our Hogan and his heroes through mischief.

(Inspired by OboeCrazy's Shakespeare Writes "The Crittendon Plan"; in memory of Bernard Fox)
This story won three honors in the 2018 Papa Bear Awards: bronze in Best Long Comedy, silver (tie) in Most Unique Story, and gold (tie) for Best Story of 2017!

When The World Stopped Turning--an attempt to answer the question, "What if Hogan's Heroes had still been around on 9/11/01?"

Over There--Paying a visit to the troops before they sail, a leader gets a glimpse of what makes his country great.  (You'll have to figure out the fandom yourself.)

Inquiring Minds...--Will Peter ever marry?  Corin Thunderfist decides to find out.  (Chronicles of Narnia)

Rumor Has It...--Rumors are flying about the Pevensies, and Corin decides to investigate.  (Chronicles of Narnia, sequel to "Inquiring Minds...")

Ben Edlund's The Great Race--The Great Jensen wants to prove that American cars are the world's best. Professor Collins wants to prove that he's better than Jensen at something. Danneel Harris wants to prove that a woman can be any man's equal. But when Jensen challenges all comers to an around-the-world automobile race from New York to Paris, the journey might just prove that true love conquers all. (CW RPF, Jensen/Danneel, for SPN Cinema 2014; mild spoilers for Supernatural Season 9)

The Perfect Cover--Tarvek's more right than he knows when he deduces that Gil Holzfäller's Parisian persona was a carefully constructed act. (Girl Genius, mention of Gil/Agatha)

De Profundis--While Agatha is still on the road from Passholdt to Sturmhalten, a split second's inattention leaves Gil with a broken back and a crushed spirit. Wooster and Higgs rush him to Mechanicsburg, but can the Jägers get Agatha to him in time to restore his will to live? What will Klaus do when he learns of Gil's disappearance? And how will matters progress if Master Payne's players take the stage in Sturmhalten with the wrong actress playing Lucrezia? (Girl Genius, AU)

Frightfully Keen--In which Gil and Agatha take an extended honeymoon, Zeetha invents a new act, Tarvek fails to be above it all, and Mechanicsburg accidentally gains a new industry. (Girl Genius, sequel to "De Profundis") 

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