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Completed Stories

Der Erlk÷nig -- AU Thranduil Angst!  It's the Fifth Age of Arda, and a chance meeting in the Black Forest goes horribly, horribly wrong....

Leithian -- We know what happened to Tolkien at the end of WWI, but what happened to the Eldar?  (Sequel of sorts to "Der Erlk÷nig" and therefore AU)

Concerning Providence -- After the War, Sam and Frodo discuss tragedy, treachery, and the good that comes about in spite of evil.

Till Death Do Us Part -- Faramir reflects as he and ╔owyn are wed.

Harvest Home -- Some people might think hobbits are greedy, but in 1420, they had much to be thankful for.

Abjured -- In which the Witch-king of Angmar meets his Maker.  (WARNING:  Extremely dark!)

That We Might Pray Without Words (AU): See series index.

Crossed Swords Alternate Multiverse:  See the Crossovers page.

Works In Progress (on indefinite hiatus)

Gerechtigkeit -- Monkees fic fans know that the characters in the dimension where all fanfic becomes reality sometimes get put out with the authors who continually mess with their lives.  The same holds true for the Tolkien multiverse.  This is what happens when a sympathetic author decides to lend them a hand....  (More is in the works.)

One Man Shy (Legolas and the Merry Sioux) -- Take one Elven prince and one Indian princess.  Add one time-garbled spell from Umbar.  Stir in the malice of a Dark Lord, a mess of anachronisms, and the flora of Lothlˇrien.  Yield:  One very worried Fellowship.  (Written to prove a point.  Chapters 1 through 3 up with notes; even more explanations coming in Chapter 4.)

Coming Soon(ish)

More stories in the That We Might Pray Without Words series

"In Your Service and His" -- During some downtime in Rivendell, Gandalf writes home (staying offline for the moment until I decide how to handle the possibility of a reply)

I've abandoned some of the stories I started a year or two ago; they might or might not catch my interest again.  If they do, I'll post them here.

That's all for now, but there will probably be more in the future.  Also check out the Justus Twins site for some great song parodies, and there are always good stories at Stories of Arda.

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