Last of the Breed

Pairing: Gen (background Dean/Lisa)
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~18,500
Warnings: Topics that might be upsetting to some audiences (see summary).
Note: Fusion with The Shootist. AU from "Frontierland," with some oblique references to Season 7.

Disclaimer regarding content: Nothing you recognize, or could potentially recognize, is mine. No copyright infringement is intended.
Disclaimer regarding characters: The role I've split between Sam and Dean in this story is filled by one character in the movie, played by John Wayne. There is a minor female character in the movie, played by Sheree North, with whom he has an established past relationship; in this story, it made more sense to pair that character with Sam than with Dean. It wasn't until I'd made that decision, written the scene, and gone back to revise it while watching the movie with the closed captioning on that I discovered that I'd misheard the character's nickname; the correct spelling turned out to be the same as the name of a well-known RL Sam-girl.
That resemblance is 100% coincidental and goes no further than the name. Neither the portrayal of that character nor Dean's opinion of her should be construed as being a comment on the RL woman who shares her (nick)name.

Summary: It's 1901, and the aging Winchester brothers are facing perhaps their most mundane--and permanent--cause of death yet: inoperable cancer. All they want is to spend their last days in peace and to die with their dignity intact. But when have they ever gotten exactly what they wanted?

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