Legal Nonsense

Okay, so maybe itís not nonsense. Still, I pretty much have to put this page here because of legal issues. I donít want anyone to sue me. Besides, as Jesus told John the Baptist, "it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness" (Matthew 3:15 NIV--yes, I know that's out of context).

There are quite a few things on this website that I do not own--basically, anything you recognize or could potentially recognize is not mine. Most are copyrighted by someone else. Here are major credits, though I've tried to include story-specific credits on each page.

bulletThe Monkees, their logo, their music, and anything else not privately owned © Rhino Entertainment, Inc.
bulletThe A-Team © Stephen J. Cannell Productions.
bulletHogan's Heroes © Hogan's Horde/Bing Crosby Productions.
bulletStargate Atlantis © Acme Shark/MGM/Sci-Fi Channel.
bullet The Chronicles of Narnia © C. S. Lewis.
bullet The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion © J. R. R. Tolkien.
bulletSupernatural © The CW/Wonderland Sound and Vision/Warner Brothers Television.
bulletGirl Genius © Studio Foglio. This site is not affiliated with Studio Foglio in any way and is not approved by the Professors Foglio.
bulletRandom famous and semi-famous quotes in "Gulliverís Fifth" © whoever originated them. I think theyíre pretty easy to place.

If anyone knows any copyright information that I left out or didnít know, please tell me.  Iíve tried to credit my sources as often as possible.

So what do I own on this website? WellÖ

bulletMy words. (BTW, the fics were written purely for fun. They were not intended to be libelous in any way or to infringe anyone's copyright. Please donít sue.)
bulletThe original characters and characterizations in the fanfics.  I did try to make the Biblical characters as close to the original as possible.

I think thatís the lot. If you find anything that Iíve left out, let me know, okay?


Updated 12/29/14: No fanfic, art, or original text appearing on this site may be reposted, even with attribution, without the express written permission of the author(s) or artist, whether to another archive, Goodreads, or a so-called news aggregator (metapodik, This Means YOU!).  Links are fine; short excerpts for reccing purposes are fine; wholesale copying is not.