Jeep Jockey Jumper

by San Antonio Rose

Listen to "Jeep Jockey Jump"

Possible spoilers within for SGA "The Kindred" through "Enemy at the Gate"; some Holocaust discussion in Chapters 2 and 3.  John/Teyla if you squint.  (I've tucked some photos and links into the text this time--hope they help those of you who don't get all the jokes!)

L to R: Hogan, LeBeau, Kinch, Newkirk, Carter


bulletChapter 1:  The Only Motel in the Combat Zone
bulletChapter 2:  Operation "This Will Most Likely End Badly"
bulletChapter 3:  Think with Your Heart
bulletChapter 4:  So Much for the Frying Pan
bulletChapter 5:  Can't Be Too Careful with Wartime Epidemics
bulletChapter 6:  Elevating Medicine to Actual Science
bulletChapter 7:  Bloody Aluminium Cooking Pots!
bulletChapter 8:  And We're Not Toast

L to R:  Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Beckett


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