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Main Arc

Quenta Ando Rauco -- You are tracking a Chevy Impala with two young hunters, I believe. They passed this way, the day before yesterday; and they met someone that they did not expect. Does that comfort you? (for the 2011 Supernatural Crossover Big Bang; Honorable Mention for Crossovers in the 2013 Many Paths to Tread Tree and Flower Awards)

Quenta Ambarmetto -- The Elves have long held that Trin Turambar will return to lead the armies of the Valar against Morgoth in the Dagor Dagorath.  They're not quite right.  That honor goes to two young Americans descended from Trin's cousin Tuor:  Agarwaen and Mormegil--Sam and Dean Winchester. (for the 2011 Lord of the Rings Big Bang)

Coming soon:  A New Road or a Secret Gate (secondary tales)

But My Eyes Still See -- Exactly how did Sam and Dean end up with a "fairy godfather"?

Dream On -- Bobby's being attacked by a dreamwalker.  Will Dean's newfound powers make the difference between life and death?

(And several others remain in the works!)

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