Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and the Men of Letters

A/N: I have a vague memory of seeing this kind of story prompted on a meme, or suggested to me (by cathalpicard, maybe?), or mentioned by somebody somewhere—within the last year, I think, but before I actually got hooked on Girl Genius this spring—but blessed if I can find the comment again.  It had to do with Dean being a spark; I do remember that much.  I suspect, though, that whoever had the idea didn’t expect it to take quite this turn or be quite this long (I sure didn’t).  Nevertheless, whoever it was, consider yourself acknowledged!

This story goes AU for SPN between 9.04 “Slumber Party” and 9.05 “Dog Dean Afternoon”—with the assumption that the Years That Weren’t actually did pass on the calendar, putting those episodes in the summer of 2015 rather than 2013—and for Girl Genius from “The Doom Bell Rings All Over Town” (Volume 12:  Agatha Heterodyne and the Siege of Mechanicsburg).  Some of the character information from Girl Genius has been heavily hinted at by the Foglios and has been accepted as at least fanon in some quarters but has not yet been explicitly confirmed in the comic. On some other points, I’ve either adopted or built on established fanon; still other points are entirely my own interpretation or are deliberately AU.  The distance from Mechanicsburg to Sturmhalten, for example, I guesstimated based on the canon fact that Sturmhalten and the Refuge of Storms are “part of the same defensive ring,” the known distance from the Refuge of Storms to Mechanicsburg, and the assumption that the two fortresses are roughly equidistant from the town.  But Castle Heterodyne’s level of control over the thorn hedge and the city walls is purely personal headcanon.

Chapters 1-7 were written before SPN 10.23 aired, and I was well into Chapter 9 before the GG page for June 10, 2015, posted.  My betas can back me up on that.  (Of course, that was about the time RL started taking precedence, and I had hoped the SPN Gen Big Bang would be running this summer, which it didn’t.  Oh, well!)  Also, the later chapters owe a good deal of inspiration to khilari and persephone_kore’s Agatha’s Bad Plan AU and baroque_mongoose’s Wooster stories (over on AO3), all of which I heartily recommend.

I am not affiliated with Studio Foglio or Kripke Enterprises in any way, nor is this story known to or approved by the good Professors or Jeremy Carver.

Many thanks to my fabulous betas, jennytork and immortal_jedi!  (There’s one particular character in this story, in fact, that owes a great deal to some just-for-fun roleplay jennytork and I have done over the last several years.)  Mega thanks, too, to hells_half_acre for the SPN timeline and clothing catalog and to the owners/maintainers of Supernatural Wiki and Girl Genius Wikia.

bulletChapter 1: The Rift Opens
bulletChapter 2: Leap of Faith without a Net
bulletChapter 3: The Bunker and the Cathedral
bulletChapter 4: Speak in Clouded Clues
bulletChapter 5: One Problem at a Time
bulletChapter 6: The Angel and the Cathedral
bulletChapter 7: MacArthur Park Is Melting in the Dark
bulletChapter 8: The Road to Mulverschtag
bulletChapter 9: Shattered Dreams, Wounded Hearts, Broken Toys
bulletChapter 10: Don't Sleep in the Subway
bulletChapter 11: Of Cabbages and Kings
bulletChapter 12: Duke of Earl
bulletChapter 13: Monster Mash
bulletChapter 14: Know When to Hold 'Em
bulletChapter 15: Politics as Usual
bulletChapter 16: Won't Get Fooled Again
bulletChapter 17: The Return of the Storm King
bulletEpilogue: Mysteries Revealed

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