For Love Is Strong as Death
Tok'ra Apocalypse Part 3

by San Antonio Rose

Warnings: This story is AU for both Supernatural and Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis. Spoilers for SPN “Swan Song” and all previous episodes of Season 5. Chapter 1 contains references to events of SG-1 “Jolinar’s Memories/The Devil You Know” and “New Order” and SPN “All Hell Breaks Loose” and “No Rest for the Wicked” and to events that occurred between SPN Seasons 3 and 4; I’ve tried to be as non-graphic as possible.

Setting: May-November 2010—this ’verse’s version of Supernatural “Swan Song” and events following; post-Stargate: Extinction and late Season 2-ish for Stargate Universe

A/N: This AU runs so closely parallel to the events of “Swan Song” that I’ll show only Homeworld Command’s perspective for people who haven’t seen the episode. There’s a good bit that comes after that, though; some of it will run parallel to common threads I’ve seen in other 5.22 codas (because they’re logical character-based conclusions), but other elements will necessarily be very different. I’m also ignoring SPN Season 6 and SGU Season 2—to quote Ziva David, “I like it my way better.”

Major thanks to my fabulous beta Ansostuff!

Previously, on Tok’ra Apocalypse:

Dean shook his head.  “Oh, no.  No way.  You can’t do this, Sammy.  Dishon?”

Dishon took over and grimaced.  “This sounds like a... what is it called... a ‘Hail Mary’?”

Sam snorted, and he and Gabriel smiled wryly at each other as he recited, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.”

“Rather like the Dakara weapon, I think it should be our last option.  It might work—hush, Dean—but it is an extremely long shot, and there may yet be another option that would work better and would not cost Sam his life should he succeed.”

[. . .]

Sam fiddled with a bite of eggplant that was left on his plate.  “I’m not gonna do it unless we all agree.  But it... might not cost me my life.”

Dean took back control.  “Wait, I thought you said you were gonna jump in the hole.”

“I did.”

“How is that not gonna cost you your life?!”

Sam met his eyes then. “I’ve been talking it over with Salim.  We’ve got a plan.”


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Chapter 2:  Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)


Chapter 3:  Will I See You in September?


Chapter 4:  On a Horse with No Name


Chapter 5:  I'll Be Back Up On My Feet


Chapter 6:  So We Sailed Up to the Sun


Epilogue:  Back in Black

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