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A Hobbit Fairy Tale -- The OFUM staff needs a break, so I manage to rook some of them into restaging a Monkees ep.  Please don't beat me with a stick, please....

A Tale of Two Tunas -- Old story, new twist!  Charlene Bumiller didn't quite understand the movie version of LOTR, but she did develop a crush on Legolas.  So what happens when she, her mother, and the two town busybodies suddenly find themselves in book-verse Valinor and run into our heroes? (Post-ROTK crossover with Greater Tuna, WIP, on indefinite hiatus)

The Mansions of the Lord -- In Memoriam:  "To fallen soldiers let us sing...." (A-Team/Hogan's Heroes crossover)

The Scourge -- Different wars.  Different commanders.  Same ideal.  (Ah, that's telling...)
This fic took silver in the Best Special Story category of the 2008 Papa Bear Awards!

An Island Never Cries -- John Sheppard isn't the only solitary man in Vegas.  (Vegas-verse Stargate Atlantis/24 crossover; spoilers for SGA "Vegas" and 24 Day 7.)

HMS Atlantis -- Kavanaugh thinks he knows what a certain machine in McKay's lab does.  Boy, is he wrong.  (Inspired by LinziDay's "Modern Major Scientist")

I Need a Change of Scenery -- In which Pestilence gets creative, Gabriel and Castiel get the flu, the Monkees get their minds blown, and the Winchesters finally get a night off... in the wrong decade.  (Supernatural/Monkees, written for Laura of Maychoria's birthday, prompt:  "Time travel to the '60s!"; AU, crack, spoilers for SPN Season 5)

The Breath You Take -- In the search for answers about souls, the shell of a man meets the replica of a woman. (Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis, spoilers for SPN through "Clap Your Hands If You Believe")

Hunters on the Orient Express -- A perfect murder has been rendered not-so-perfect by a Yugoslavian snowdrift.  Poirot knows whodunnit, when, how, and some of the reasons why... but the full story behind the crime and the true identities of his fellow passengers in the Stamboul-Calais coach will leave even Britain's most celebrated detective reeling. (Supernatural fusion with Murder on the Orient Express, written for spn_cinema)

The Fox and the Hound -- The Winchester brothers are normal cops who work for Vegas Homicide; why does a feverish Dean keep hallucinating about demons, and how can this stranger in the desert help? (Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis Vegas-verse, companion piece to Nevada Fox)

For Thou Art With Me -- Dean's got to get a message to John and can't trust the phone, but when his borrowed car dies, he has to fight his way through a blizzard.  How will he keep from falling off the mountain or dying from exposure? (Supernatural fusion with The Horse and His Boy)

The Closer We Are to Danger -- No power in this galaxy can get Dean out of his deal. What about a power that's not from this galaxy? (Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis, AU from SPN "Malleus Maleficarum")

Not Quite the Empty -- When God is gone and the devil takes hold... you'd better hope your death is suitably entertaining. (Supernatural/Horrible Histories, spoilers for SPN Season 11)

Down the Valley of the Shadow -- The only thing standing between carpetbagger Dick Roman and the water rights owned by widowed rancher Jody Mills is the law, in the persons of Sheriff Bobby Singer and Deputy Rufus Turner. Gunslinger John Winchester's already refused to fight his old friends for Roman once. Now, six months later, Roman's used a honey trap to push Bobby into alcoholic despair, and one of the deadliest gunmen in Texas is on his way to El Dorado to help Roman force Jody to capitulate before Bobby sobers up.

At least, that's how the situation looks from the outside.

But in El Dorado, nothing is as it seems. And when a chance meeting on the border reunites John with his sons and brings him news of Roman's plan, the race is on to free Bobby from a hellish curse and to stop demons and Leviathans from taking over the town... to say nothing of the secrets Sam and John are carrying that could be their undoing. (Supernatural fusion with El Dorado, written for spn_cinema)

Ich Schenk' Dir Die Welt -- Out of time, options, and hope, Gil tries to shut down the time stop with a desperate move that has fatal consequences. Yet because the Red Cathedral's portal is still open on the Mechanicsburg end, the shockwave throws a copy of Agatha's abduction party across time, space, and dimensions--into Atlantis. What will it take for Agatha, Violetta, and Krosp to get home? What will it take to prevent the time stop and save Gil, Mechanicsburg, and the Girl Genius universe from annihilation? And in the meantime, how will the Pegasus Galaxy cope with even a friendly Heterodyne invasion? (Girl Genuis/Stargate Atlantis, AU from Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City, minor spoilers for Girl Genius: The City of Lightning)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes -- A mountain full of fae suddenly gains a mine full of monsters, refugees from another reality. Six months later, a red-eyed child is on a killing spree in Ebott, Idaho. But when Garth dispatches the Winchesters to look into the matter, none of them expect the consequences of the hunt to reach the highest levels of Heaven itself. And the surprising friendships the brothers make along the way might be more vital than they seem. (Supernatural/Undertale, AU from SPN Season 8 and UT True Pacifist Ending)


Crossed Swords Multiverse (AU for all fandoms involved!)

There and Back Again:  The Fellowship Goes To Stalag 13 -- A funny thing happened on the way through the mines, and WWII will never be the same.... (Hogan's Heroes/Lord of the Rings crossover with special guest appearances by certain characters from Newsies and cameos by certain other key figures)
Nominated for the 2004 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards and the 2004 Papa Bear Awards!

Jeep Jockey Jumper -- When the experimental Jumper malfunctions, the Heroes get more help unlooked-for.  (Hogan's Heroes/Stargate Atlantis)
Nominated for the
2011 Papa Bear Awards!

A Cage Full of Heroes -- The Heroes have had tough assignments before. They've done the impossible time and again. But this unexpected job might be the toughest of all: keeping Sam and Dean Winchester alive. (Hogan's Heroes/Supernatural; art by quickreaver [updated 3/4/13]; written for the 2012 Supernatural Crossover Big Bang)
Nominated for the 2013 Papa Bear Awards!

Tok'ra Apocalypse (Supernatural/Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis--spoilers through SPN 9.17): See series index.

When Is a Ghost Not a Ghost? (Supernatural crossovers based on "Changing Channels")

Red Fell the Dew in Rammas Echor -- In which the Trickster forces Dean and Sam to join the movie-verse Grey Company, Sam gets a little too into playing Halbarad, and Dean maintains that the book was better. (Lord of the Rings movie-verse)
Nominated for the 2011 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards, and took third place for Crossovers in the 2012 Tree and Flower Awards on Many Paths to Tread!
Tree and Flower Awards, Crossover, Third Place

Beresford & Winchester, Inc. -- In which Sam and Dean find themselves chasing a plundering poltergeist in an '80s British mystery miniseries, and the Trickster forgets where the episode's real parallel to the Apocalypse lies. (Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime)

(More coming eventually!)

Gwaith i Innas Lain (Supernatural/Silmarillion, AU from "All Hell Breaks Loose" for SPN, Seventh Age and somewhat AU for Tolkien-verse):  See series index (now with award info!)

Wind of Change (Supernatural/Mission: Impossible, AU from SPN "The Man Who Would Be King")

Ring the Freedom Bell -- Major Vazhnikov knows how to deal with spies. But he's not prepared for what's lurking in this one's brain... or what's coming to bust him out.

Magic Carpet Ride -- Gabriel knows that Jim's going to need special help on this mission and prompts him to call in the Winchesters. Friendships, alliances, and assumptions will be tested as the IMF team goes down the rabbit hole into an Illinois town home to Nazis and witchcraft, and hunters and spies alike will discover that on this case, almost no one is who--or what--he seems. (Written for Round 1 of the 2012 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by ilikemyhumordry)

No Satisfaction -- When Jim gets word of a cult being built up as cover for extracting classified information from its unwary members, he calls Sam and Dean--only for them to discover that the chief source of the cult leader's power is Famine's ring. Yet even after the brothers, working with Barney and Willy, reveal a still darker layer to the secrets lurking beneath the cult's idyllic veneer, Jim insists on having Paris and Dana infiltrate and help bring the cult down from inside. It's one of those missions where Murphy's Law applies in spades, and as if Paris being a shapeshifter weren't hazard enough, things get complicated in a hurry when Dana develops a raging case of the baby bug. Can Sam and Dean get the ring back in time to save their team... and what will they do with the ring if they succeed? (Written for the 2013-2014 SPN AU Big Bang; art by matchboximpala)

(Another sequel coming eventually!)

Wild Wild Winchesters (multiple Supernatural crossovers, AU from SPN "Frontierland")

Last of the Breed -- It's 1901, and the aging Winchester brothers are facing perhaps their most mundane--and permanent--cause of death yet: inoperable cancer. All they want is to spend their last days in peace and to die with their dignity intact. But when have they ever gotten exactly what they wanted? (Fusion with The Shootist, written for spn_cinema)

Stewed Rabbits and Holy Grails -- A young Mandan widow, far from home, is used to helping strangers who come to her cabin in times of need. But these white men who hunt spirits are not at all what she expects. (Not a crossover per se, but set in this universe; set in the gap in Chapter 1 of "Last of the Breed.")

Silver Bullets and Green Berets (Supernatural/A-Team)

Kindred Spirits--The A-Team's POW camp was pretty standard... until Loki showed up. (AU, pre-series for both shows, gen. Written for a prompt by sameuspegasus for the 2012 spn_bigpretzel Outsider POV Comment-Fic Meme.)

Splinters in the Windmills of Your Mind--One of Sam's (and then Cas') fellow patients in the mental hospital is none other than Capt. HM Murdock, who's not as crazy as even he believes. When things get wild after Sam and Dean unlock the Leviathan tablet, they bring HM with them to Whitefish, where the other surviving members of the A-Team eventually meet and join forces with what's left of Team Free Will. Together, can they keep Kevin safe and take down SucroCorp and Dick Roman? (Started for the same prompt as "Kindred Spirits" but finished for the 2014 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by dollarformyname; spoilers for SPN Season 7)

Mechanicsburg Men of Letters (Supernatural/Girl Genius, AU from SPN "Slumber Party" and GG Agatha Heterodyne and the Siege of Mechanicsburg)

Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and the Men of Letters--When the Doom Bell summons the Winchester brothers to Mechanicsburg, the course of history in both worlds is irrevocably changed... and that's a better thing for Gil Wulfenbach than he could ever guess, to say nothing of the Winchesters themselves.

Conversations at Mamma Gkika's--Loosely related one-shots set in this AU, but with minimal connection to the main plot

bulletFive Things that Never Happened to Gilgamesh Wulfenbach (and the Time He Met the Person They Did Happen To): Gil's imagination gives him a little too much empathy.
bullet Hunter Heart to Heart: Dean falls to thinking about his losses. Fortunately, he's got Mamma to talk to.

New! The Stanford Adventure Club (Supernatural/Girl Genius, modern AU): See series index.

Collaborations with Enola Jones

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