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All stories listed on this page are co-authored with Enola Jones (jennytork) unless noted otherwise.

For Enola's solo work and her collaborations with other authors, visit Enola's Realm.

One-Shots and Standalones | Series


Canon-compliant Supernatural One-shots

Snipe, Snark, Snap--The one time Sam and Dean try to join the Boy Scouts, a simple prank turns out to be the key to a hunt that's much more involved than John had expected. (Pre-series, very vague spoilers for 8.04 "Bitten")

One-shot Supernatural AUs

And It Looks Like We Made It Once Again--The best laid plans gang agley, and John manages to kill Azazel in 1991, just after the Christmas when Sammy gives Dean the amulet. But if anyone thinks this means immediate sunshine and rainbows for Dean and Sammy, they may be in for as much of a shock as John is. Is a return to normalcy in the cards for the boys at all, or have eight years on the road with a hunter for a father wrecked their lives beyond all recall? And what guarantee is there that someone won't come after Sam again?

Mirror--It's just a simple blow to the head. Freakin' poltergeist. But why is everyone telling Dean he's not speaking English anymore? Why does Sam suddenly think he's 27? And why the hell is Sammy suddenly acting like Dad? (AU from Season 2, spoilers through Season 7)

Make It Right--Gabriel gets one last message from God at the Elysian Fields Hotel: "Go back and make it right." It's not until Lucifer turns his sword back on him that he realizes exactly what God meant, and he's not able to get away before the blow strikes. But go back he does--landing in a hospital ER where Dean lies dying, and Gabriel's just a few steps away from death himself. The only way he knows to follow Dad's order is to stop John's deal, even if it kills him. Naturally, Zachariah has a Plan B... but fortunately for the Winchesters, so does Gabriel. And Dean's not afraid to turn Trickster himself if it means saving Sam's life. (AU from "Hammer of the Gods"/"In My Time of Dying"; art by chosenfire28)

Standalone Crossovers

As You Wish -- There is more than one Earth connected to Aslan's Country. In one of them, a spirit calling itself God is trying to block the way out and relying on humanity to save itself through the actions of the Winchesters. The Emperor-over-Sea is not amused. So with Gabriel's help, Aslan sets about dismantling Lucifer's plan, one piece at a time. For once, all will get exactly what they want... and almost none will get what they expect. (Supernatural/Chronicles of Narnia bookverse)


Different Roads (Supernatural AU): On LiveJournal at Cazadore, TXSummary:  Just before his 16th birthday, Dean makes a decision that will change his life--and Sam's, and the fate of the world--forever. Who knew a permanent move and two jobs while raising his little brother would make such a deep difference in things?

New! Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters (Supernatural AU)

Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters--It starts with a phone call. It ends with a hole in John's head. Along the way, Bobby winds up playing host to the wildest, most rag-tag bunch of greenhorns imaginable: an ex-dentist, a hacker, a psychic and an injured, mulleted genius. And then there are John's boys, one dealing with chronic illness, the other being hounded by Hell itself. It's a twist of fate that may end up saving not just John but also his sons--and then some. Whoever said you can't choose your family never set foot in Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters. (Written for the 2014 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by m14mouse.)


Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters 2:  Blood and Kin--The Home's routine is shattered by a literal blast from the past--but Henry Winchester's training by Cuthbert Sinclair turns out to offer more protection than anyone expected. And when the family heads out to investigate the mysterious artifact Henry carries, they find that the Men of Letters' secrets may hold the key to putting the final nail in the coffin of Azazel's plan for Sam.  (Spoilers through late Season 9.  Written for the 2014 SPN Gen Big Bang; art by m14mouse.)

Jess and Charlie's Scrapbook by m14mouse (includes art for both stories to date)

The King's Hunters (Supernatural fusion with/prequel to The King's Speech)

The King's Hunters:  New Friends, New Lives -- By some fluke or special grace, three Americans turn up at Sandringham House shortly before Christmas of 1902 and rescue seven-year-old Bertie from the torment inflicted by his demon-possessed nanny. Bertie suddenly finds himself with two new friends who know the strangest things and who won't take any nonsense from his arrogant older brother. He's delighted when Sam and Dean discover that they can't go home right away, and Sam and Dean decide having a ringside seat to history won't be all bad. But what will John say when he finds out that Dean's been hired as Bertie's governor? And will any of the Winchesters remember what they need to know to avoid getting caught in one of the greatest naval disasters of all time? (Written for the SPN Gen Big Bang 2013; art by amberdreams)

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