Disclaimer:  I don't know any of these people and mean no disrespect whatsoever.  Especially in Misha's case, I'm mainly having fun with their public personae.  I do think this cast could do a bang-up job with an actual remake, though, should Warner Brothers be so inclined!

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For Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy

And for Mr. Curtis, Mr. Lemmon, Mr. Falk, and Ms. Wood 

 Ladies, Kindly Remove Your Tinhats

SPN Cinema and

Misha Collins


Jensen Ackles


Danneel Ackles


Ben Edlund's

The Great Race


Sebastian Roché and Jared Padalecki

Guest Stars
(in order of appearance)

Jim Beaver and Samantha Ferris
Alona Tal, Matt Cohen, and Richard Speight, Jr.


Mitch Pileggi
Chad Lindberg
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Steven Williams
Christian Kane
Tom Welling
Ty Olsson
Timothy Omundson

And Special Guest Star


As Herself


Director of Photography: Serge Ladouceur
Music by Henry Mancini
Prose adaptation by San Antonio Rose
Based on the screenplay by Arthur Ross
Original story by Blake Edwards and Arthur Ross

Produced by Eric Kripke

Ben Edlund


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